What is BodyFX?

BodyFX is a body-sculpting product from aesthetic medical technology company InMode. It’s a hand-held device that uses non-invasive radio-frequency energy and suction to completely destroy up to 30 percent of fat cells and cellulite in any given area of the body. It also tightens loose skin, for a smooth, youthful appearance. BodyFX produces permanent results and can serve as a great alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks. You may even see changes as early as your first session.

Am I a good candidate for BodyFX?

Yes! This product works well for any age, weight, and body type. It can help you shed fat when hours at the gym just aren’t paying off. Or, it can help you eliminate those last little pooches and puckers on the body you’ve worked hard to tone. People are using BodyFX on the backs of their legs and arms, their inner thighs, their abdomens, and more. This product can handle your problem areas—no matter the amount of fat or cellulite they have accumulated.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not. During your session, I will simply move BodyFX across your skin, and the energy will begin to work. You’ll feel a little bit of suction, pulsing, and warmth. But, the heat can be adjusted if it becomes uncomfortable.

Can I tackle multiple areas at once?

Yes. BodyFX is used in a series of short treatments, and we can work on multiple areas within each session. Or, if you choose, you may tackle one section of the body at a time. However, pricing is more economical if you bundle your treatments.

How well does BodyFX work on loose skin?

The product will get rid of excess skin, but it works best when used with Forma. This is another hand-held device from InMode that tightens skin using non-invasive, radio-frequency power.

Will I need recovery time?

BodyFX has no side effects and requires no recovery time. So, as soon as your treatments are over, you can grab your swimsuit and head to the beach with confidence.

Call 502-377-8361 today to schedule a BodyFX consultation. Don’t let another summer season go by without meeting the goals you’ve set for your body—especially when achieving them can be so easy.