BOTOX: Defying the Marks of Age

In the past, age was a force we couldn’t master. It would always catch up with us, no matter how well we ate or how much we exercised. Eventually, our skin would become marked by those deep, tell-tale lines.

But now, you can feel your best for as long as you please. Call me today and set up a regular BOTOX routine to help soften wrinkles. Take control of your aging and look the way you want.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a form of botulinum toxin given through injections that helps smooth out bothersome wrinkles and lines—particularly in the upper part of the face. I also carry Xeomin, another toxin that produces similar results. These products don’t eliminate your wrinkles, but instead, they relax the ability of your muscles to contract and, therefore, help soften facial lines. They start working in three to 10 days and reach full effectiveness three weeks after your injections. You’ll enjoy smoother, younger skin for an average of three months before needing another treatment.

Think of BOTOX as maintenance or ongoing skin care. If you decide this treatment is right for you, schedule a consultation, and we can discuss an injection regimen that will make you look and feel your best.

Who can get BOTOX?

People of many ages opt for BOTOX treatments. Some women in their 20s even use these injections as preventative measures. However, this treatment isn’t recommended for pregnant women or people with major neuromuscular disorders.

I have concerns. Will BOTOX freeze my face? What if I don't like the look?

Many people have misconceptions about BOTOX. They think it might make your face look fake or frozen. But, in reality, the results are very natural. You will need to follow some ground rules, though. I’ll ask you not to lay down, bend over, or exercise for a few hours after your treatment to make sure the product stays in the injected areas.

And, if BOTOX gives you a look you don’t love, you can always call me for a correction or touch-up. These treatments aren’t permanent, and I can change the injection patterns to adjust the results.

What about fillers?

Fillers are made of collagen-like substances and provide structure or volume to wind back the clock on the lower areas of your face—like your cheeks, lips, chin, and nasolabial fold. I always start conservatively and slowly increase the injections as you watch with a mirror. This way, we can work together to find your perfect look. The results can last from nine months to one year.

Pricing for BOTOX and fillers can vary, depending on your specific needs. Call today for a consultation and let’s start working on a plan to give you better control over your body’s aging.