Shaving and waxing are regular parts of life for most of us. Every few days or weeks, we remove the hair from our legs, our faces, our arms, and maybe even our chests. It’s a tedious, never-ending cycle. So, why deal with it at all? Laser hair removal is an easy option for those wanting to say a permanent “goodbye” to pesky body hair. After a few treatments, you’ll feel smooth and well-groomed all the time.

What does Laser Hair Removal involve?

At my office, you’ll receive treatment from a Diolaze laser by InMode Aesthetic Solutions. This product shoots a diode laser beam toward hair follicles on any area of your body, which heats up the roots and prevents further growth. A session can take five to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area you wish to target.

How quickly does it work?

You will need roughly six monthly sessions to complete the treatment, but you might notice a difference early in the process. One client of mine said she only shaved her armpits once during the month between her first and second sessions!

Will it hurt?

My Diolaze laser has an advanced cooling system and offers a relatively comfortable experience.

Who can get laser hair removal?

This procedure is for anyone—men and women both young and old. It works just as well for women who are tired of shaving their legs as it does for bodybuilders who want permanently smooth chests. It can even get rid of annoying facial hair.

However, this treatment does not work for fine facial hair—or “peach fuzz” It only targets thick, colored body hair.

How can I learn more?

Contact me at 502-377-8361 for pricing and further information. A carefree, hair-free life is just a call away!